Ascension Classical School Blog

Welcome to our ACS blog.  We hope to inspire our Ascension families as well as people in our community to know and love that which is true and to strive to serve others while leading lives that glorify God.

Classical Christian education is new to Shreveport, and our Ascension board and school administration are diligent in reading books and articles concerning classical Christian education.  We have visited classical Christian schools, we have attended conferences and training opportunities, and we want to share these wonderful lessons and insights with our parents.  

Our hope is that the families of Ascension will be united by the grace and love of Jesus Christ and that we will grow as a school community.  We want to encourage each other to grow in our knowledge of classical education as well as our love for one another as we follow the example of Jesus.  In doing so, we hope that Ascension Classical School will glorify God in all we do.