The Classics

The “classics” at the core of a classical education at Ascension are works of art, music, literature, history, or science, each of which expresses profound insight, artistic creativity, enduring cultural value, and have not only stood the test of time, but are also the foundation of the Western Civilization and our Judeo Christian heritage. By studying the classics, students encounter the most influential thinkers, artists, and writers, and gain an understanding of Western history and culture. The classics are touchstones of excellence, so that by studying them, students learn aesthetic discernment and discrimination and how to soundly judge what is bad or worse, good or best. But much more than this, by filtering the classics through the grid of God’s Word, we impart to students a Christian perspective, which equips them to make moral judgments, not merely about the basic questions of right and wrong, but also about profound ideas, including those that directly clash with Christianity. The classical, Christian education is marked by the teacher’s ability to train students to make critical judgments about such matters— judgments based upon Biblical and philosophical truths.