School of Logic

During roughly the junior-high years, young people begin to question, to challenge, and to test things for themselves. Students at this age judge, criticize, debate much more than in their earlier years. As Dorothy Sayers has said regarding this age, students are argumentative to the core, so why not simply teach them how to do it correctly?

Here they will learn formal logic and critical thinking skills, debate, persuasive skills, role-playing and discussions. They are more interested in what’s “behind the scenes” and why things are the way they are than in just knowing the facts. At this stage, we will teach them how to integrate the facts into a coherent system that reflects biblical truth.

For instance, in teaching history, we will aim not merely for a chronology of events, but for a critical engagement with the great minds and ideas of the past and for a deep exploration of our culture’s crucial turning points. Or in literature, students will be reading the best books from throughout the ages, and being taught to test them against the touchstone of the Bible.

7th Grade
8th Grade