Parent Testimonies

Like many other families in Shreveport, we decided to test our daughter for the magnet program. Yet, all the while, we had been praying for a prospective classical school we had heard may come to our community. So, all year we prayed for it's fruition, not knowing if there would be enough interest for even a kindergarten class. After we received our acceptance into our magnet school of choice, we heard the good news that the school was indeed going to happen. Now, we were faced with a very tough choice. God had placed in our hearts the desire and passion to help start this classical school, yet, we wondered if we should just "play it safe" and take our magnet spot for a year. Well, thankfully, the Holy Spirit didn't allow us to "play it safe" because He wanted to bless us! And that is exactly what he did this year at Ascension. Ascension Classical School--the academia, the enrichments, and the Christian fellowship--has over-exceeded our hopes and expectations. Our daughter has excelled in math, phonics, art, social studies, and Biblical history. Yet, most importantly, she has discovered a love of learning through the classical curriculum. We are excited to be a part of the work God is doing in the creation and growth of Ascension. We feel so blessed that he chose us to be a part of this wonderful school.

-Richard and Leslie Crowell

When we started looking at Kindergarten for our oldest child, we found ourselves frustrated and underwhelmed. Sure, we had many public and private school options, but each one lacked something we were looking for. We wanted an education for our child that would cultivate a love of learning and a strong character; we often found one or the other but we never found both. We were initially afraid to take a chance and join Ascension, as it was a new school full of unknowns, so we enrolled in Kindergarten elsewhere. Our time in the other school was short, as it lacked the challenging academic program we were looking for. More than that, though, it lacked the Christian foundation that we want for our children. We switched to Ascension Classical School a month into school and have found the school for our family. The curriculum offers a challenge to our son, the teacher provides an environment that is full of grace and fun and the children come to school excited to learn and grow.

We have four children and sometimes the financial burden of educating all four in private school is daunting. We are convinced now that the education they are receiving is well worth the financial investment and sacrifice. It will pay dividends in their future, both in their academic and professional pursuits and as they grow as followers of Jesus.

-Emily and Phil Hays

I myself am a teacher and I have had the privilege of teaching in several different classrooms.  Like all parents, the education of my own children is of great importance to me. When the time came to enroll my first child in kindergarten I found the decision of where to send her much more difficult than expected.  Shreveport offers many wonderful and highly awarded public schools but when given the opportunity to send her there I found myself unable.  I realized at the core I wanted my daughter to be immersed in a Godly environment where she would be taught the Christian values we hold so dear.  We have found this and so much more at Ascension. The accelerated curriculum has blown me away and I truly believe in the classical framework of learning. Our children are excited to learn and are taught so much more than what is expected in other curricula. In addition to the superb learning she is receiving, I can rest in the knowledge that she is being mentored and discipled to be a follower of Christ and to make a difference in her community in His name. 

-Kendall Blanchard

I have always wanted Max to attend a private Christian school but was concerned about the cost.  I knew we wanted him at a classical school but was content to have him in Magnet schools until he was in the 3rd-4th grade.  My attitude was, "How much harm can public school do in the early years?"  Plus it would save us thousands of dollars that we could put toward a good school once we found one.  Then I went to the interest meeting for what would become Ascension.  It was during that meeting that we realized the importance of having a loving, awesome, Christian teacher like Amanda Chandler, willing to partner with us parents - 5 days a week! - in reinforcing the values and beliefs we hold dear as Christians.  When I compare this with "How much harm can public school do?" I realized I was missing the point.  I was already impressed with the academics and the mission of the school and now the final puzzle piece fell into place.  By the end of that meeting, we were in and we have never been sorry for it.  I can't tell you how great it is to know that Max is at Ascension.  We love Amanda and Howard!!!

-Chris Burford

The decision of selecting where to send your child for kindergarten is trying, unnerving, and exciting all at the same time.  As parents, we all want the best for our child—a place where he will be challenged academically by a specifically tailored curriculum, where he will be nurtured emotionally by loving and giving teachers, where he will develop friendships among his peers, and where he will find a group of parents that want the same things for their children.  We found all of those things and more at Ascension.  We could not be more pleased with everything that ACS offers to our son and are thrilled to be on this journey with a group of parents that share our vision for a successful and worthwhile complete educational experience.

-Daphne and Alexander Mijalis

We held our son, Nicholas, back a year and were fully prepared to send him to one of the three magnet schools in Shreveport for kindergarten.  We prayed continually for Nicholas and his first year of school.  Once we found out that sending him to a Magnet School was not an option this year, Eric, my husband, and I decided to tour Providence Classical School in Bossier City.   The day before the tour we actually enrolled him in one of the private schools in Shreveport as a second choice to the magnet schools.  

We drove over not expecting much from our tour in Bossier.  In reality, we were blown away!  We could not believe what the children were capable of in KINDERGARTEN!   The children knew the capitals of all of the states, they knew the books of the Bible, they knew the seven continents, the five oceans, hard addition problems...the list goes on!  I had to ask again and again if we were observing kindergartners.  When we left there we both said to each other that it was a "no brainer" and we were going to drive Nicholas to Bossier City for Classical School the following year.  That day, Howard Davis, the man responsible for starting the Classical school in Bossier City, did explain to us his hopes of starting a Classical School in Shreveport, but we did not know if this was a "sure thing" since there were not enough signed up yet.

As interest grew and enough people signed up, we were thrilled to find out the Shreveport Classical School would be a reality.  We continued to pray, things began to unfold, and we met the teacher that would start the school, Amanda Chandler.  She has been a tremendous blessing to our kindergarten class this year.

Just as I had hoped, the things we witnessed the kindergartners learning on our tour are being taught to our son.  Nicholas now comes home singing the songs we heard the day of our tour and he knows many of the things mentioned above in just the first few months of school!  We are so excited about the future at Ascension Classical School.  Not only have we been amazed, but everyone that talks to Nicholas and gets to listen to what he has learned is also impressed.  I think our son, Nicholas, has even been surprised with himself.   He loves to show how much he knows and has learned.  

This has been a true lesson for Eric and me, witnessing that when we pray and ask things of God, we can expect to be blown away by his goodness!  We did not know what we were asking for but Ascension Classical School has been a blessing beyond what we imagined for our son's education.  In addition to his education, we have been blessed by the families who have been on this journey with us.  If it had been left up to us to hand pick our son's friends and the parents with which we would become friends with, we could have never picked a better group.  Thanks be to God that things are not left up to us!

- Nicole and Eric Hudson